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Top 10 “Professional” TV Shows


There are these TV shows that peek behind the curtain of certain professions and show us how doctros, lawyers, etc. cope with their careers and personal life. Of course, some of them are far from being realistic, but after all, we love TV shows for the intensity they provide us with, which sometimes cannot be found in our lifes in such great amount.

Grey’s Anatomy: We start our list with one of the most successful medical dramas. The story is about a group of surgical interns and their supervisors. The show captures the complicated tasks surgeons have, but it also does not spare drama. Each episode ends on such an intense note that you cannot simply not watch the next one immediately after that! The beauty of the show lies in the different personalities it presents and the fact that it traces the changes each person undergoes.

Private Practice: This is the spin-off series to Grey’s Anatomy and is again a medical drama. Unlike the previous show, which is based in Seattle, this one is in sunny LA. We might say that its six seasons are not as intense and dramatic, but still go into detail with how the characters deal with their patients’ problems while trying to figure out their own lives.

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House MD: This is maybe one of the most brilliant shows ever made! Hugh Laurie is amazing as Dr. House, a very weird, arrogant and sometimes even sociopathic character, who does his job marvelously well. It’s true that at least half of the cases end up with the patient having an autoimmune disease, but each of the situations are very interesting to be solved. Meanwhile, the main characters have their own problems but they are left more aside as opposed to other medical dramas.

Nip/Tuck: The story of two plastic surgeons living in Miami, Florida, became a huge hit between 2003 and 2010 when it was aired. The two main characters are very different: while Sean is a timid family man, while Christian is an arrogant ladies man who loves everything that is sinful. The show is definitely harsh and not for people who prefer to relax, but we cannot deny its quality.

Scandal: We move away from the medical topic to trace characters related to the White House. Political drama is always interesting because it gives an insight to what happens behind the closed doors. Besides, we love Kerry Washington’s style in the show: it illustrates how you can portray a strong woman at a very serious position and still be extremely fashionable!


CSI: For those of you who are interested in police forensic evidence investigation, this is your show! With its fifteen seasons of crime investigation it shows how all kinds of things might happen and in order to be on such a team, you need a great set of skills. It also develops your thinking and is very fun to watch. It has lots of spin-offs like CSI: Miami and CSI: NY where there are different teams and characters.

Ally McBeal : This is maybe the oldest show on the list. Nevertheless, it portrays a group of eccentric lawyers and their weird everyday struggles in a very interesting manner. The main character, Ally McBeal, makes us laugh with her funny thoughts and fantasies. It is not the most “corporate-style” law TV show: it ha a bit more soul and emotion than usual and you will grow to love all the charcters at a certain point.


Mad Men: Critics love this TV show! It has won a great number of awards and is praised by everyone. The TV show traces the life of the first advertising agents in 1960s. We can’t even describe how fabulous the fashion presented in the movie is with all its retro chic. The show is a little more serious than most and depicts American culture from that time in great depth. Its value as art is quite astonishing so we recommend it strongly!

Suits: This is maybe the most popular law TV show at the moment! Harvey Specter is every girl’s dream boyfriend and he impresses with charm, intelligence, courage and again, his cuning mind. The show has amazing twists and gives us an insight of how big deals are made and what does it take for you to be a lawyer. Definitely a must-watch!



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