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Top 10 Most Expensive Gemstones in The World


Gemstones and jewelry have been known to measure ones wealth and power for ages. Many people dream of having diamonds, saphires, emeralds and more – but do you know which are the top 10 most expensive gemstones in the world? Here we go…

1. Jadeite – more than $3 million per carat

This is a green proxyene mineral and the more intense the green, the more expensive the gemstone. However in Guatemala a deep blue-green jadeide has been discovered and it is also considered extremely valuable.



2. Red diamonds – $2-$2,5 million per carat

These are very rare. An Australian mining company finds a very small amount of red diamonds per year  and they are sold at an auction once every couple of years. Wish you could get one?


3.Serendibite – $2 million per carat

Only Ratanapura in Sri Lanka and Mogok in northern Burma are known to produce Serendibite at very small quantities, so the price seems reasonable


4.Blue Garnet – $1,8 million per carat

There is a wide varity of garnet in the market but the blue one is unique. While it has a blue green shade, the generous amount of vanadium in the stone makes it emit a purplish hue when it is held against incandescent lighting.


5.Grandidierite – $100 000 per carat

It is named after its discoverer Alfred Grandidier – a natural historian and archeologist. The gemstone has been found in Sri Lanka.


6.Painite – $50 000- $60 000 per carat

One more gemstone, named after its discoverer – Arthur C. Pain. It was considered the rarest gemstone in the world until recently when they discovered more of it in Burma.


7. Musgarvite – $35 000 per carat

The gemstone was first discovered in Australia and it is considered very rare. Similar materials have been unearthed in Madagascar, Greenland and Sri Lanka.


8.Bixbite – $10 000 per carat

This gemstone is also known as red beryl emerald and it is only found in a couple of places in Utah and Sierra County, New Mexico.


9.Black Opal – $2355,00 per carat

Do you know that the opal is Australia`s national gemstone?They produce 97% of the world’s supply. Opal is not a mineral – it is actually an amorphous form of silica that is related to quartz and it is pretty valuable as one can see.



10.Jeremejevite – $2000 per carat

It is a Siberian gemstone diecovered by Pavel Vladimirovich Eremeev. The gemstone is made of aluminum borate mineral with fluoride and hydroxide ions and it is the cheapest one of the 10 most expensive gemstones in the world. 

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