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Top 10 Comedy Tv Shows that You Shouldn’t Miss


Friends: The ultimate classic when it comes to comedy TV shows! Even though it started in 1994, the first seasons are still re-watched by everyone twenty years later. Not only will the fantastic six main characters remain in our memory forever, but also some very memorable secondary ones like Janis with her annoying laugh and Estel, Joe’s weird agent. Friends has created lots of jokes, lots of funny spare time ideas and have become like a family of our own that makes us smile when we are down.

How I Met Your Mother: Some say it resembles Friends, but we believe it has its own charisma. With Barney’s Bro Code, the unstoppable jokes about Robin’s Canadian origin and the incredible dynamic between Lilly and Marshall, we can’t help but divide our attention between all of them as opposed to focusing on who Ted’s future wife is.

Sex and the City: The ultimate female classic! Even though some criticize it for showing women in a very unfavorable way, we can’t help but simply have fun with the totally different, but all great four characters! They also illustrate how the idea of female friendship is not absurd at all.

Modern Family: A contemporary family comedy, Modern Family shows us the present-day problems that American familis face while falling into extremely funny situations. Each of the characters is very realistic, with their good and bad qualities, but the important thing they show is how important family actually is.


Suburgatory: The story of how a tough New York teenager who likes books and udnerground music moves with her dad to a shiny suburb where people have a totally different set of values and priorities. However, the two of them soon become part of the community, though still slightly different, and find how human relationships are possible, even when you are not similar to the others around you.


Two and a Half Men: Charlie Sheen leaving the show and being replaced by Ashton Kutcher provoked diverse reactions among the fans of the show. The comedy, however, remains a classic with its almost 12 seasons and over a decade on TV. Charlie Harper, one of the main characters in the first 8 seasons, is extremely charming with his controversial personality.

The Big Bang Theory: This is a TV shows that provides nerds and science geeks with hope that they can get a hot girlfriend! But only that: its interesting and unexpected humour and the unique character in the face of Sheldon brings a fresh vibe to contepomrary TV!

New Girl: When a girl lives with three other guys, comic situations will arise for sure. Especially when the girl, Jess, is a little weird and very funny. New Girl is a TV show about relationships, self-esteem and personal achievments, wile trying to find your place under the sun.

new girl

That 70s Show: For those of you who haven’t watched this TV show, it tells the story of a few teenagers living in a fictional town in Wisconsin in the 1970s; however, the show itself was aired form 1998 to 2006. The interesting thing is that favourite celebrity couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher met on the set of That 70s Show! That is only one reason among many to try and watch it.

70 s show

The Simpsons: One of the most famous cartoons in the world and among the first that are more suitable for adults than for children, The Simpsons mock a lot of pop culture phenomena and political figures. Not many of you probably know that The Simpsons first aired in 1989 and has 26 seasons, and the scriptwriters definitely show how creative they can be!


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