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Toe Nail French Art Ideas


We talk a lot about how to take paint and take care of our nails. We constantly give you ideas how to make the long and healthy or teach you how to create awesome new designs at home. But you rarely talk about the other type of nails, that often gets neglected from us – the toenails! Toenails, even in the winter when you’re wearing boots, are a crucial part of a woman’s look and need care, too. Some people like their toenails painted the same color like their fingers, some prefer not to apply nail polish and some, which we’ll discuss in a minute, like the look of a French pedicure and keep it clean and classy.

  French pedicure is harder to make than French manicure mostly because you’re working with less space and you can’t be as precise as when you’re painting your finger nails. Other than that, it looks amazing and give feet a very elegant look which, I think, is essential for every woman that wants to look good.

  But what if you don’t like the look of the basic French pedi and want something a bit more interesting, you would ask. Well, we thought about it! Here are 7 great tips how to make your French pedicure more unique and cool!

1. Turn upside down and make a reverse French pedicure that’s still very popular. If you want to add a little something, you can decorate it with crystals and seal it well with top coat.

2. You can do a French pedicure with every single color that you want. You can either use the neutral base and just make the white line with another color or, if you like colorful nails, change the color of the base, too and make something like a color-block in a pedicure version.

3. Glitter goes a long way. Use gold or silver glitter with a thin nail brush and make a line where the white and the nude meet. The “border” will give the nail art a unique look and, most of all, it will look so cute!

4. If you combine a classic French manicure with an accent nail you will get a very sophisticated yet fun look! My advice is to make the accent nail glittery so it stand out more and apply the previous tip on the other nails so you can tie the whole look together.

5. A cute way to spice up the pedicure is to fill the white line with dots in different colors. You can stick to the traditional black and red or pick some bright summery colors and play with them.

  Basically, you can do whatever you want when it comes to nail designs, to matter if it’s for your finger nails or your toenails. Use your imagination, some inspiration from the Internet and, of course, our tips and make your nails look like a million dollars!




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