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Tips to make even you more beautiful in the winter


With the onset of winter we tend not to pay attention to the change of our skin, and when it starts to peel or scrub, we take this as a normal consequence of the cold weather. The truth is that cosmetic products which are used in the warmer part of the year prove not to be effective enough in the cold days. Wind and freezing temperatures dry the skin and hair. Of course, there is a way with which to prevent these unpleasant consequences…

Sun protection

Weather conditions in the winter as the wind and sun, even when it is reflected in the snow, can cause serious damage to the skin. T wind “sucks” the moisture from the air and it becomes very dry and the sun rarely accepts a threat during the cold days. Also in summer, in winter we should use sunscreen products with a minimum of 15 UV factor protections. This applies to our daily lives. We must not forget, however, that when we are high in the mountains, ultraviolet light, which causes burning is more intense. Therefore, in such circumstances should be used products by a factor of at least 20.

Maximum nourishment

As the winter air is drier both outdoors and indoors, use of nutrients is a must do. On the other hand, now is the best time to try lotions containing alpha-hydroxyl acids such as glycolic or lactic acid, which are very effective for dry skin. Experts say that due to the continued use of a product, our skin gets “accustomed” to it, resulting in less efficiency. It is advisable to change certain cream or lotion for several weeks. Thus, when later you resume its use, the action would be much more effective.

Winter clothing

Because of cold weather in winter, we usually wear a lot of clothes. However, when the temperature rises during the day or when you get in heated areas, we often find ourselves much more dressed than necessary. Consequently, we start to sweat, thereby losing additional moisture in the body. It is also advisable to avoid irritating skin materials such as wool, as they can cause friction and consequently dryness, itching and flaking appears. On the other hand, materials such as nylon do not allow the skin to breathe. The recommended fabric is cotton. As winter makes people cover most of their body with clothes, it is more likely to develop allergic reactions to detergents. It is advisable to turn to the less aggressive products. Softeners can also cause skin irritation. If one appears, you should stop using them during the winter season.

Health care from the inside out

Supplementation of vitamins in cold weather is required, when we attack the germs and bacteria. During this period of the year, the power of the immune system is reduced. The best way we can take care of our skin is by eating right. As additives suitable are vitamin A, B-complex, C, and E, along with multi-minerals. The consumption of too much water is important since this way the skin gets hydrated.


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