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Tips For The First Date


Sometimes being yourself just might not be the best thing to do on the first date. This is for both women and men.  I am not talking about deceiving the person before you, but there are simply some things that your date must learn later on as your relationship evolves and reached a new level.

Don’t let anyone too close that early, especially right after you have met them. A person must be who he is but sometimes the person before you might need some more time before they let you in and let down their mental barriers completely for you.

The truth is that it’s all about the match. If two people match each other not only physically, but psychically, there will be absolutely no problem between their communication and relationship in general. Talking would be easy and they will just feel it as they click together. When such a thing happens you don’t even actually have to try hard for the things to work.

It is very important to be open to the world and to all kinds of different people – the key is to accept everyone the way they are, without judging them. In the end, who are you to tell a stranger that their blue hair is outrageous and unacceptable?

Do not ever decide from the first date that the person before you is the man/woman of your life. If you do so, you might be very disappointed and hurt later. When you begin a relationship like that, afterwards you might never let someone as close to your heart as this person.

Such actions are happening mainly because of our dreams and it can actually play a very bad joke on us. Imagine that the man or woman is an antipode of your ideal significant other? Opposites attract, never forget that! We all have an ideal type, but if you thinkn about it more clearly, you will probably come to the conclusion, that the real deal before us might be better than the image, drawn in our mind.

Harmony is the key. And also, I have an advice for you – don’t do a research on your date before you have even met them! It’s fact that today it is very easy to check their Facebook profile and Instagram photos, along with a dose of their daily life via Twitter, but it’s really not a good idea. Let things go slow and in its own pace, don’t rush it, especially when it comes to getting to know each other.

Another things is the mention of sad stories and talking about your exes. Not a good idea. Well, if the person before you is interested in the second, you can speak, but do not do it very freely. Show them that your last relationship has been nice but has come to a peaceful end – no need to explain him how much time you’ve needed to recover and stuff like that. It’s only natural for the person on the other side of the table to be curious about your previous affairs.

And last but not least, the lieing to each other is not a good way to start a relationship. If you don’t want to say something or be honest, don’t talk. It is better to be silent, rather than immediately starting to knit the web of lies.


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