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Tips for Healthier Nails


Look on your shelves, in your drawers and on the dresser. How many products do you think you own to help nourish, improve and maintain the

condition of our facial skin and hair? We often invest in a wide array of different facial and hair regimes, but how many of us take as much care of our nails? Neglecting your hands and feet is

a common trait, however, what many do not realise is just how many benefits manicures and pedicures have to offer. And for all those who think their hands

and feet are beyond redemption, get those nails out and treated!


It’s understandable that not everyone has the time to go get a manicure and pedicure every week, so here are a few tips you can follow to achieve


• Always wear gloves when washing up or using harsh products, such as


• Only cut nails if you need to, and make sure to file them afterwards to

help prevent the nails from splitting


• Fingernails can be round, squoval (round oval) or square, however, it’s

best to work out what nail shape best suits you and your lifestyle


• Toenails must always be square, but make sure to just go over very

lightly with one stroke of the file, the very sharp edge of the corners.

This will avoid ingrowing toenails


• Make sure to file nails before a bath, wet nails and a nail file will result


• Push back your cuticles regularly to remove any excess cuticle


• Buff your nails to remove ridges and add shine


• Invest in a brand of nourishing base coat to encourage growth and improve strength of nails


• When painting nails don’t skip out on a base or top coat. Base coat and top coat are there to prevent chipping and stop staining of the nail plate


• Apply a moisturizing hand cream or foot cream every night





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