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Tips for Eye Makeup


Not every makeup style is suitable for every eye type. That’s why I care enough to show you some tips about eye makeup and which is the best according to your eye shape. Take a look:

Big eyes

Use matte and dark shadows. Contour to your eyes with dark liner or pencil – black or dark brown, blue, purple, according to the makeup. Don’t make any accents. Put on your mascara only to your upper lashes. Define with black pencil the inner corners of the eyes. Don’t make your eyebrows too thin.

Narrowed eyes

Highlight the area between the nose and the eyes. Apply bright, glitter shadows on the inner side of the eyelid. Line with eyeliner or pencil from the center of the lash line to the outer corner of it.

Wide eyes

Contour the whole eye and apply dark shadows on the eye lid. Put the accent into the outer side of the eyebrow.

Pulled eyes

Use light shadows on the lid and some matte dark shadows above the crease. You should shape thin brows. And remember to add a thick layer of mascara on the top eyelashes.

Dropped eyes

Highlight the outer corners of the eyes with concealer. Don’t line the inner sides of the lash lines.


A bonus – Smoky makeup

Primer. It’s essential – you should apply primer to your eyes in order to have your makeup in place all day. Apply the primer with your fingers, patting. Let the primer absorb and dry.

Eyeliner. Make thick lines in the upper and bottom lash lines. Connect the lines on the inner and the outer corners of the eye.

Eye shadows. Apply dark shadow all over the crease, up to the brow bone. Blend in with big, clean brush in order to reach the smoky effect. If you want heavier makeup for a special occasion you can add dark purple or dark red shadow.

Eyelashes. This heavy makeup requires perfectly defined eyelashes. In order not to mess up the things you should always apply the mascara firstly on the bottom lashes and then on the upper eyelashes.



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