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Tips for choosing the right shoes


Many women are obsessed with shoes. Especially VIPs. When selecting another pair of shoes, you are guided primarily by aesthetic preferences, paying attention primarily on color and pattern.

And I think that because this beauty will endure any inconvenience if they become available. Then you suffer from blisters, scratches and joint pain. And you begin to blame yourself, and new shoes sharpen aging in a cupboard.

How to avoid similar disappointments? When you buy shoes, is first guided by the rule that their main qualities are comfort and practicality.

Before you try the shoes look at it from all sides. The skin has to be strong and elastic, in particular in the rear part of the shoe. To find out if your skin is a quality, gently press the front shoe or heel – folds on quality and good leather will disappear on their own without a trace.

Faulty sole can crack during wear. The inner part of the heel must not be too rough, its shape must conform to the anatomical shape of the foot.

Do not underestimate the color of the sock. If it is a dark color, you can paint the socks.

Particular attention should be paid to the height of the heel. Safe for women’s health is considered current high 5 cm. If you need to walk a lot, it is best to choose flat shoes.

Consider shoes and figure. Full of women is not recommended shoes with very thin current. Much will look harmonious with shoes that have a solid and stable current.

Only now you can try the shoes. It is very important to correctly determine the size of the shoes, so you must put both shoes. Shift the burden from toe to toe and feel you do not touch your fingertips.

Claims of vendors that shoes will be released, likely to be true, but as you relax, they will have you uncomfortable.

After purchasing the shoes, while hiking with them at home to make sure that your choice is correct. If the new pair of shoes marriage notice, you can replace them in the store. The warranty of the shoes is usually 30 days.


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