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Tips for Applying Smokey Eyeshadow


Smokey eyes are always fashionable . And in my opinion smokey makeup is great choice when you go out on a date or just at disco club white your friends .

I am sure everyone will notes you white this incredible eye makeup . 

If you want to look sexy and hot try to do this smokey makeup. 

As you can see before starting applying the eye shadows first you need to apply foundation on your eye lid .

That way your makeup will last longer.  With a brush start applying the black shadow from your upper lashes till close to your eyebrows, but don’t go to up .

Smudge it well s it looks well applied . If you are looking for more intense look you can always apply black eyeliner .

Also apply black shadow to the lower lashes as well.  Add a little bit silver glitter shadow at the inner corner of your eye as shown below.

Finish with applying mascara  !


smokey eyes


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