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Tips And Tricks For Younger-Looking Skin


Everybody wants to look young and fresh forever no matter what their age is. We want skin without wrinkles, dark spots and big pores but we often forget how to treat it in order to make these aging signs disappear or not show at all. For those of you who want t treat their skin properly but don’t know how, here are some tips for beautiful, young and clean skin:

Brown spots

If you have brown spots you need to treat them with an antioxidant serum, not a bleaching cream. Brown spots are caused by the UV rays and the sun’s heat and appear mainly on the cheeks and nose. The first thing you have to do is buy a good sunscreen and wear it daily. Don’t bother using bleaching creams – according to doctors bleaching cream can make the discoloration worse. Instead, go for an antioxidant serum, because antioxidants like Vitamin C and licorice extract neutralize the problem and prevent it from showing up again.

Big pores

Big pores cannot be treated with gel or toners, go for a salicylic acid treatment. Big pores are caused by collagen loss in your skin and that’s why, unfortunately, you can’t shrink them permanently. What you can do is deep clean them which will make them look smaller. A toner or a gel can’t make your pores clean, but a salicylic acid can easily do the job. Use a mechanical exfoliator once a week (if you use it more often it will damage your skin) and add salicylic acid to your morning routine to keep your skin clean and your pores – unclogged.

Fine lines

When having fine lines, heavy eye creams won’t do the work. A peptide serum will smooth the wrinkles and will help skin cells produce more collagen. And, most of all, they are less oily than regular eye creams which means they will blend easily and won’t clog your pores.

Dry skin

Have dry skin? Well, harsh scrubs and creams won’t help you! They will dry your skin even more and deepen the problem. A hyaluronic acid moisturizer will draw water to your skin’s surface and hydrate it. When browsing for cream and other products for your face, be sure to choose softer cream specially made for dry skin.


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