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Things You Need To Know Before Getting A Tattoo


Having a tattoo is actually a very big commitment. You will live with it for a long time. Yeah, sure, there are ways to remove it, but will you give so much money for something, which you are sure you will dislike in 10 years or so? Read below and be careful!

  1. Never tattoo your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name on you body

    Never, ever do that. Believe me, if your relationship does not last long, you will be sorry.

  2. Search the Internet for tattoo ideas

    If you are not completely sure what you are looking for, search for original ideas on the Internet. However, immediately delete the thought of googling tattoos. Search through Instagram, deviantART, Pinterest, etc. If you can draw it yourself, search for inspiration.

  3. Have some patience

    When you have decided on your tattoo, wait for a while. Especially if it’s your first one. I, personally, waited three years before I payed a visit to my tattoo artists. Imagine if you make a tattoo of your favorite band and after one year you decide that you will move on to a different style of music? Laser tattoo removal is more expensive then the tattoo itself and hurts more.

  4. Get tested for allergies

    Make sure you are not allergic to any kind of cosmetics, because you might end up having a reaction from the ink.

  5. A cheap prize does not equal a good tattoo

    If you are about to make yourself a tattoo, do not try to negotiate with the artist about the prize. If it’s cheaper than the usual, prepare yourself for many complications after your tattoo is done. But my advice is to not do it – it is not healthy for your body.

  6. If your tattoo is with words – proofread!

    There is nothing worse than deciding to Google Translate your favorite poem in arabian and ending up with the duner receipt written on your back. Find a way to translate it by yourself and never trust the tattoo artist to do so. Be absolutely sure that your tattoo is grammatically correct or that it means exactly the thing you wanted. Don’t be one of those people who walk around with a japanese kanji on their arm, which stands for ‘water’ or ‘lettuce’.

  7. You can tattoo every single part of your body

    From head to toe, it is doable. However, you have to be aware of the areas where it hurts the most. Do a research and read as much as you can before sitting on the artist’s table.

  8. Visit the tattoo shop before deciding on doing it

    You have to get to know the person who will be piercing your skin with a needle for a few hours. Make him redraw or rewrite your tattoo a few times on paper and afterwards on your skin. Don’t be shy to ask him questions about his studio and previous clients. Most of them would gladly answer you and explain you everything you need to know.

  9. If you are afraid of needles, think twice before getting a tattoo

    I am not going to lie, it hurts more than when the nurse takes a blood shot from your arm. If you are more sensitive to pain, rethink if you can handle the pressure. It is, however, nothing like drawing blood. The tattoo needle does not go deep and you feel slight pain and vibration on the area where it moves.

  10. Things to do on the day before and after you get your tattoo

    Don’t drink, don’t put your body under pressure, stay calm through the whole day. Eat, drink water. When you head over the studio, make sure you’ve eaten and take a bottle of water with you. During the next to weeks you must keep the tattoo away from water and direct sunlight. This is why people say that autumn and winter are the best seasons to get a tattoo.

  11. Prepare for pain after your tattoo

    It will not be that painful, but you will not be feeling very comfortable. It will itch and will be very sensitive. Be careful.

I hope this article has been informative and helpful, in the end, all I could say to you is a wish of good luck!


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