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The World’s Most Expensive Women’s Wear


We all hear about dresses, jewelry, and accessories that cost thousands and even millions of dollars. While most of us wear Prada, Anne Klein, Lacoste, and Diesel, there are some very expensive pieces of clothing. Rare and expensive pieces belong to royalties, celebs, and famous women and are designed by fashion icons and designers such as Jean-Louis Berthaulto, Ginza Tanaka, Debbie Wingham, and others.

One of the most expensive pieces was designed by Debbie Wingham and features 1,000 black-colored and white-colored diamonds and delicate fabrics. The dress is valued at $5.5 million and weighs 29 pounds. It was showcased at a fashion show in Ukraine. A dress adorned with sequins and created by Jean-Louis Berthaulto in the 60s is valued at $1.3 million. A dress that was designed for Maria Grachvogel’s fashion show is encrusted with 2,000 diamonds and costs $1.8 million. There are more expensive pieces of clothing such as Henshall’s diamond dress which is valued at $9 million. This piece features 3,000 diamonds and has a web shape. The worlds’ most expensive Muslim dress or abaya was created by Debbie Wingham and costs $17.6 million. The abaya is encrusted with a red diamond and white and black diamonds. Red diamonds are quite expensive. The dress itself features floral elements in black and red is adorned with 1,000 rubies. A dress by Faiyzali Abdullah tops the list. The evening dress costs $30 million and is made of silk, chiffon, satin, and taffeta. It is adorned with over 750 Swarovski crystals and a 70-carat diamond. Faiyzali Abdullah, who is a Malaysian designer, created the world’s most expensive evening dress for the 2009 STYLO Fashion.

The diamond cocktail dress by Debbie Wingham is valued at $3.5 million and features 55 diamonds. The dress features elaborate beadwork and is encrusted with white and black diamonds. The bustier is adorned with black diamonds. Monroe’s famous dress was designed in 1961 and purchased by Peter Siegal and Robert Schagrin. The dress is adorned with 6,000 rhinestones and was designed by Jean Louis. It is valued at $1.25 million and is made of silk. A cocktail dress by Tov International is yet another luxury piece that costs $15 million. It is decorated with sparkling round diamonds and is made of leather and velvet. The dress was created by fashion designers Chloe and Reese and combines sophistication, elegance, and style. A fabulous dress by Yumi Katsura features a combination of silk, satin, and green diamonds. This gorgeous dress is valued at $8.5 million and is decorated with diamonds worth over $1 million. The dress features rare diamonds and 1,000 pearls. A diamond dress created by Shiels Jewellers and Paolo Sebastian costs $1 million and is adorned with yellow, white, and cognac diamonds. It is made of silk organza, lace, and delicate French fabric. The dress combines style, beauty, and timeless appeal and features over 1,000 diamonds. It is known as the Million Dollar Diamond Dress.


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