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The World’s Most Expensive Ornaments and Jewelry


Jewelry is made from gold, silver, rhinestones, ruby, diamond, and other precious stones. There are some very expensive pieces, including necklaces, brooches, and rings.

The diamond and emerald necklace of Queen Marie Jose is valued at over $1.8 million and is adorned by 34 diamonds and 50 emeralds. This is a very expensive and interesting piece and part of an extensive collection of exclusive jewelry. The elephant diamond is a beautiful ornament adorned with diamonds, rock crystals, and emeralds. It is a gift for the favorite elephant of the maharaja. The tiara and monogram brooch of Princess Margaret are valued at over $2 million ($1.7 million for the tiara and $340,000 for the brooch). The Poltimore tiara is adorned with diamond motifs and diamonds. It can be converted into a set of brooches and a necklace. The monogram brooch is adorned with diamonds. One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry belonged to Princess Katharina Henckel from Sweden. The diamond and emerald tiara is valued at over $12.7 million and is adorned with Shizuka diamonds. Other expensive pieces of jewelry are the bow brooch of Empress Eugene, Princess Diana’s sapphire ring, and Queen Marie’s tiara. The jewels of the Duchess of Windsor are very expensive and adorned with emeralds, ruby, and Cartier diamonds. They are valued at $12.4 million. The La Peregrina Pearl and Diamond Riviere of Queen Mary are valued at over $1.8 million. La Peregrina is a necklace adorned with peals with a history of 5 centuries. The Riviere is a beautiful piece of jewelry made from silver and gold and adorned with 34 diamonds.

A blue diamond ring was sold in Hong Kong for the price of $10 million. The buyer is unknown. A pink diamond ring was also sold in Hong Kong for $11.8 million. The beautiful diamond is a rare piece that was mined in South Africa. The panther bracelet of Wallis Simpson is valued at $12.4 million. This piece was bought by Madonna, the rumor goes. A Bulgari diamond ring and a 2-stone diamond were sold to an Asian collector for $15.7 million. The beautiful blue diamond has a triangular-cut shape. Each diamond weighs about 10 carats. The Perfect Pink is a diamond that was sold to an anonymous collector for $23.2 million. It is a very rare diamond. The Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is even more expensive, valued at 24.3 million. The grayish blue diamond is presently owned by Laurence Graff and weighs over 35 carats. The most expensive piece ever auctioned is a rectangular pink diamond which was sold for $46.2 million. The jewel was purchased by Laurence Graff and formerly belonged to Harry Winston.

The jewels of royal families and collectors are quite expensive, dazzling, unique, and extravagant. There are stunning necklaces, bracelets, and rings adorned with white diamonds, topaz, emerald, rubies, pearls, and colored sapphires. Expensive pieces of jewelry are adorned with colored diamonds, turquoise, rock crystals, and other gemstones and rare jewels.







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