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The World Record Of Traveling


Everyone has heard about the Guiness world records, for the woman with the longest nails, for the biggest cat and the biggest dog, for the man who speaks with wolves, etc. However, not that many people know, that the world records actually have a traveling category.

Below, you will see a very neatly selected chart of the winners in this category.

The Most Expensive Hotel

One night at the Royal Penthouse apartment in the President Wilson hotel in Geneva costs exactly 41 676 pounds. The apartment has a marble bathroom, personal enormous balcony and a view of the Geneve lake.

The Coldest Destination 

The Russian research center Wostok cannot be actually called a touristic winter destination, but it is a fact that at this place has been registered the lowest temperature – -89,2 degrees Celsius – of all times. Another fact is that the oxygen over there is very sparse because if the height – 3420 meters.

The Warmest Ocean Water

A very big part of the Indian ocean is in the tropical area and the medium temperature of the water is about 22 degrees Celsius. However, the Eastern parts of the ocean have a maximum temperature of 29 degrees.

The Tallest Building

Up until today, the tallest building in the world is in Dubai and is called Burj Khalifa.

The Biggest Hotel Lobby

The lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel in San Francisco is 107 meters long and 49 meters wide, and it’s height is 52 meters, which is equivalent to a 15-storey building.

The Driest Place 

The meteorological research center in the Atacama desert in Chile. There are sterile stretches where rain has never been recorded and the annual precipitation is 0.5 mm/m².

The Highest Pool

The highest pool can be found in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Hong Kong. It is on the 188th floor, which is about 474 meters over the ground.

The Most Expensive Sandwich

This sandwich has been found in 2007 by Daniel Galmiche and has been sold for 100 pounds.

The Highest Roller Coaster 

The Highest Roller Coaster is called Kingda Ka and is in the “Six Flags Great Adventure” amusement park in New Jersey. Its maximum heigh is 139 meters.

The Most People Climbing Everest For a Day

On 9th of may 2012, 234 alpinists have climbed Everest, which beats the last record in 2012, when 170 people have reached the peak.

The Most Expensive Travel

A visitation to the International Space Station costs between 12,5 and 22 million dollars. From 2001 up until now only 7 people have made such a visit.

The Biggest Aquarium

The S.E.A. aquarium in Singapore consists of 49 pools, which, put together, are about 38,8 million liters water. This aquarium is a home of over 100 000 animals from 800 kinds.

The Longest Taxi Drive

The longest taxi drive has begun on the 17th of Februrary 2011 and has ended on 11th May 2012. Three people have traveled 43 319 miles and the final cost of this drive was 79 006,80 pounds.

The Biggest Restaurant

The biggest restaurant has been build in 2002 and has costed 24,9 million pounds. It’s in Damask, Siria and has 6014 tables on 2500 m2.



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