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The Woman with The Most Beautiful Shoes Ever


Victoria Beckam, of course

Victoria Beckam is well known for her passion – impossibly high-heeled shoes. It is rare to see her at a public event, without wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin. What`s more, she even says she cannot concentrate if she is wearing flat shoes, so it is not surprising she is the one pronounced “The Woman with the most beautiful shoes”. In this chart she is closely followed by Rita Ora and Sarah Jessica Parker. Other women, who boast perfect shoe-style are also Jennifer Lopes, The Duchess of Cambridge, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Brook, Orlando Bloom`s wife – Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson.

Dailymail carried out a research, aiming to find women`s preferences and their buying habits, when it comes to shoes. 43% of the participants shared they already have 10-50 pairs of shoes, 25% said they own about 5-10 pairs of shoes and the rest 15% confessed they have so many that they don`t remember the exact number. It is not a secret the celebrities have a huge impact on fashion, so 57% of the women, who took part in the survey said they have bought shoes, because a celebrity was wearing the same. Dailymail also asked the women if they buy shoes from department stores or if they prefer expensive, brand shoes. 75 % said they buy shoes from the department stores, while 17% confessed that branded shoes are their preferred choice.


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