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The Weird Stuff Celebs Buy With Their Millions!


Ok they have crazy amounts of money but doea that mean they have to buy weird, crazy stuff too?

Apparently, yes is the answer!

We take a look at some weird and wonderful goodies celebs buy with their outrageous credit cards!

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Not long after Mike Tyson seen a sharp decline im his career, he began living in excess of his bank balance.

He bought:

A 38-room mansion

Expensive jewelry

Sport cars

And the weirdest?

Bengali tigers that cost approximately $4,000 a month to keep!

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Lady Gaga is certainly waaaaay up there on the weird purchase list!

Gaga obviously cannot grasp the understanding of letting the dead rest.

$50,000 was easily spent on a super, duper electro-magnetic field reader, used to detect ghosts and protect her while on tour!

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No silver or steel for Mr. Donald Trump!

Trump converted his $100 million Boeing 757 airplane with 24-carat gold-plated: Seat belts, buckles, and other detailing!

His private 747 also includes a dining area, a guest bedroom, a lounge that includes a massive 57-inch TV and a state of the art theater system, and, not forgetting the master bedroom that has, wait for it…. gold silk-lined walls.

And dont worry if you need to use the little girls room, Trump thought of that too!

It only has a shower and a sink plated in 24-carat gold! Oh how the other half live!

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Well, well, well!

Most of us normal people would go and buy a pair of leggings for like $10 right? Well, lets face it, you buy them as a basic wardrobe item for comfort. But not Beyonce!

Beyonce went out and spent a whopping $100,000 pair of gold leggings for the BET Awards in 2007 from designer Balenciaga. Thats just crazy!

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After making a three-year deal with Caesar’s Palace in 2010 for a massive $100 Million, Celine Dion celebrated in true celeb style by building a water park in her $125 Million mansion in Florida.

The waterpark, we guess built for her son, has slides, a lazy river loop, and two Olympic-size pools!



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