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The Types Of Women The Men Like


There are so many men all around the world, yet, they are all different. They have different looks, different opinions and different desires.

However, every one of them thinks that their opinion is the correct and best one. Here comes the question – can we ‘categorize’  women and find the type which is liked by most of the men? What is actually the most attractive thing that men are looking for?

There are a few typical features in the looks, model of behavious, way of thinking and the trace of tought in the women, which attract the male attention.

Let’s start off with the looks, because that is the first thing everyone notice. Men love with their eyes, this is my comment. Men love women who dress well. Her clothes do not have to be expensive, they do, however, have to look good on her and be matched well. A man loves a woman with a good taste. Her aroma is also very important, it’s not very attractive when you can smell someone’s sweat. It is also not attractive when a woman has showered herself in perfume and you can sense it from the other side of the city.

The representative of the softer sex should carry around with her the aura of success and satisfaction from her job and career. Men do not fancy women who go on and on about how miserable their life is and who are looking for pity from their surroundings. The positiveness attracts and the magnificent smile and white teeth are enchanting to the men.

Another small detail is that the woman must differ from her fellow human beings. Everyoe should carry around something different in them, something which you can rarely see. When the woman is unique, her image is memorable.

For the men, a woman should keep her envy to herself. One of the 7 deady sins is definitely not attractive for the male eyes. Along with that, intelligence, kindness and amicability are also very important. The stronger sex can be irritated from egoism, carelessness and sloth. Oh, look, another deadly sin!

When it comes to the body of the woman, men actually simply think that the female figure should be in harmony. They like women who look good, but there is a borderlin and the tons of makeup some females use can disgust them. It is not pleasant to try and touch someone’s face and you fingers to end up sinking in the ocean of foundation.

It looks good in the eyes of a man when he sees a woman who takes good care of her body. That is a sign that exactly because of her being gentle and caring, they can lean on her shoulder during a hard situation.


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