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The Trick for Long-Lasting Cream Blusher


Cream blush is not as popular as powder blush, but some makeup artists and bloggers swear by its magic and recommend the former over the ladder. One of the main reasons why cream blush is better than powder blush is that it is easier to spread it naturally without smudging. However, its downside is that it is not as long-lasting as powder blush (even with makeup primer underneath). There is still something you can do about that, especially if you have oily skin and tend to lose your perfectly done makeup during the course of the day. The solution is blotting papers! Mattifying your skin can be done quickly and efficiently for a more long-lasting look. Blotting papers absorb any oil or excess liquid and leave the pigments you have used on your face.

  1. Dip your blusher brush in the cream blush pot to get a thin. Smoothen the amount by patting the brush on the back of your hand.

  2. Smile at the mirror and apply the cream blush at the apples of your cheeks (at the top half).

  3. Press the blotting paper against the cheek (where you have just applied the blusher) to absorb excess oil. You will be able to see what you have removed on the paper yourself and you will be amazed!

Good luck with this! Use the trick over the summer since that is when your skin gets oily and sweaty and you lose the blusher during the day.


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