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The Top Autumn/Winter NailPolish Colours


Nails and beautiful manicure are crucial for every woman, willing to show style and finished outfit. However, there are certain nail polish colour trends, which need to be observed, before applying the “lovely blue neon”, you`ve just bought in the supermarket.

Just like shoes and clothes, nail polish colours and shades could be a real hit or out of date. In this article, we will prepare you for a stunning nail polish experience in the coming season. Just keep reading!

Believe it or not, this fall French is back. The good news is that it is pretty easy to maintain. But let`s see what else we could expect – and last, but not least – don`t forget that your nails are visible to anyone, so you must take care of them. Ugly nails may close lots of doors for you.

Brownish choco shades perfectly suit the colours of the autumn. What`s more they could be easily combined with  both a formal suit and a casual outfit.  Definitely check Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in Coco Suede or OPI Nail Lacquer in Rich Chocolate.

Nude shades with pink hue are for the cheerful ones, who are not willing to let the summer go. Keep it for a little bit longer, girls – we recommend OPI Nail Lacquer in Italian Love Affair.

The 50 shades of Gray Age may have ended, but it seems it`s time for the 50 haze shades of blue this summer. Neither neutral, nor too pretentious, this shade will give your whole outfit a royal touch and a feeling of peace and happiness. Try Deborah Lippman Blue Orchid and you`ll see what we are talking about.

How about teal? It is neutral, suits everything and you can wear it for ages, unless you get bored, of course. We believe Essie has something to tell us with their new “Fall in Line” hue.

Red will always be red – today, tomorrow, after 100 years. We are sure you have at least one nail lacquer in a red shade, but we definitely recommend to add Zoya Pepper or Essie Nail Color in Bordeaux to your collection asap!

It is also worth mentioning the dark shades, especially the metallic dark gray shades. If you like such shades, go for JINsoon Tess Giberson Nocturne and you`ll not regret it!

If you are a fan of nude nail polish, you probably know that finding the best shade is not an easy task. We take the risk and recommend Tom Ford Nail Laquer Toasted Sugar – it is simply close to perfect and you`ll soon find yourself enchanted by your nails … what`s more it could last more than a week, if you are careful enough.

Another cool nude recommendation, ideal for this autumn is CND Vinylux Impossibly Plush. Please, keep in mind that it is very close to the beige shade and don`t forget to combine it with a stunning lipstick.

Basically the nail polish colours this autumn are not so surprising, but it is always good to know how to look stylish to the tips of your fingers and toes.


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