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The Top 5 Most Important Bridal Accessories



Flowers are a strong symbol related to weddings. Their gentle appearance and beauty usually take an important part in the bride’s outfit. Not only is there a bouquet, but flowers also have a place in the bridal updo. Finding the perfect bloom involves choosing a color that compliments your skin tone: orange and pink look good on darker hair, while purple and blue stand out when woven into the hair of blondes. Season is also important: if you are having a summer wedding, sunflowers or hydrangeas might be more approapriate, while if you are a winter bride, choose roses, calla lilies or tuberoses.


These are the most secretive of accessories, but they should defintely be a good match. Be aware of the sheerness of your dress, since you cannot walk the aisle with anything showing. It’s better to avoid bright colors and patterns. Consider all kinds of options.


Shoes are maybe the hardest decision after choosing the dress . We all love beautiful shoes, but on such an important day we should not let them destroy our mood, so pick comfort over anything else. Don’t wear them for the first time on the wedding itself: take them for a “test drive” to see what they are all about. Don’t be afraid to go for ballerina flats: as long as the length of your dress corresponds to their height. You can choose sequins and embellishments or something simple, yet stylish.


Even if you are the kind of girl that loves to emphasize the outfit with jewelry, this is the occasion when you need to keep it down. Overdoing your jewelry is a big mistake, so leave it to the dress to be the center of the outfit. Coordinate the jewelry with the shade of the dress. A bright white gown looks better with platinum, sivler or pearls. Light peachy or pink colors call for rose gold or silver. Ivory gowns should be combined with gold. Keep it basic and simple to prevent any disasters.

Veil/ Headpiece

The veil or the headpiece are the final touch to your wedding outfit. Remember to coordinate it with the length of the dress, your face, and your hairstyle. Also, don’t forget to make sure it is easy to remove after the ceremony, so that you can dance and have fun as much as you want at the reception!


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