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The Top 5 Classic Perfumes for Women



The world of fragrances is so colorful that we often feel incapable of choosing a perfume – because we like them all. However there are some fragrances, which are now classics. They have been a top choice for many years and deserve the respect.

1. No. 5 by Chanel

This fragrance has been created back in 1921 by Ernest Beaux. Coco Chanel hired him to create the fragrance, which is now a metaphor of sophistication. It was an immediate success, which continues today with 2 bottles of No 5 sold every minute.

2. L’Air du Temps Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci created L’Air du Temps in 1948. It reflects the womanly optimism and peace after WWII. It is known for its light aroma and a beautifully designed bottle. This fragrance quickly became a favourite choice for many women.

3. Joy Parfum by Jean Patou

French perfumer Jean Patou started selling this perfume in 1929, without realizing it will turn out to be one of the eternal women fragrances. It was an inexpensive way to stay stylish after the stock market crash.

4. Shalimar by Guerlian

This is a fragrance with history. It is named after the IndianGardens of Shalimar and the Shah that build the Taj Mahal and appeared on the shelves of the sophisticated boutiques in 1925. The oriental fragrance brings a feeling of warmth and love and easily steals the women`s hearts.

5. Miss Dior by Christian Dior

Actually this perfume was not expected to become a success. It was created by Christian Dior in 1947 as an accessory to his New Look collection. However it is a The Perfume for many women even today, when there is such a great diversity of fragrances.


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