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The Things You Will Need When You Travel


Do you like traveling? If you do and if you do it often, you will probably know the feeling of forgetting something important. For example, once I forgot my luggage in the train and actually found that fact out an hour later. Can you imagine something like that happening to you? It is not very pleasant!

The list below is just with the main things you should carry around with you, because all people are different and we all need to have something specific with us, be it a book, a plushie or your laptop.

The Main And Important

Don’t forget your tickets, personal documents, important phone numbers, a pen or a pencil, a notebook or something similar, visas, credit cards, travel insurance and a bag, sack or a trunk. But do not forget your money, debit and credit cards! Also, you must have cash, too, for more security.


Don’t forget your clothes, of course! Shoes for different weathers are a must. Dresses, jackets, shirts, shorts, jeans, bras – both daily and sporty – skirts, socks, underwear. Check the weather of your destination and decide what is a must to bring and what you should take with your for extreme situations. If you are not travelling with an airplane, where there is a maximum for your luggage’s weight, you can take more clothes. It is better to have more and not use them, rather then having no clean clothes in the middle of your vacation.


Bring a purse, of course, sunglasses depending on the season, a nice hat, a belt, handkerchief, scarves, jewelries. However, be careful on your jewelry choice. I would bring something cheaper, because everything can happen and it would be awful to loose a beautiful and expensive bracelet or a pair of earrings.


You will need it. Never forget a face cream, your body lotion, a comb, your daily makeup products, lip balm, soap, sunscreen lotion. I would also take a small mirror with me as well, just in case. Don’t forget your pads and tampons, too, because you might have an unpleasant surprise.


You will need to take a little bit of medications, too. Take something for a headache, stomachache and temperature, make sure you have a mosquito spray. Vitamins are a good choice, too.

Other Useful Things

This is a category where you should take the specific personal things I mentioned earlier. Some of them are books, batteries, camera, laptop, charger, a little bit of food, depending on how much time you will be traveling to your destination, other identification cards and personal documents, music providers like an iPod and MP3 player, a dictionary if you are going to a different country, swiss army knife and many more.





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