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The Things We Must Not Put On Our Face


All the homemade masks with natural products we do to keep our skin beautiful and spotless can actually do more damage to our skin if we use too much of a specific substance. It can lead to unpleasant effects, such as red spots, skin inflammation and dryness.


We use the soda as a substitute of all the exfoliation products, which we buy from the drug store, but the pH of the soda is too alkaline for your gentle skin. The balance of pH is incredibly important for the health of your skin, which pH is around 4,5-5, while the soda’s is 9. See? The difference is huge. The alkaline ingredients can ruin your skin and they damage the natural barrier of it, which is much more important that protecting it from the bacteria.


We all know the magical powers of the lemon for demolishing white spot on your skin. However, the lemon is on the other side of the pH scale. It’s value is 2 and the lemon is an acid. As the lemon’s juice can ruin your enamel of your teeth, a pure lemon making direct contact with your skin can irritate it and damage the acid cover of your skin.


Many people use the hairspray as a substitute of the fixating makeup sprays. The hairspray can irritate and inflame your skin and it’s one of the worst things you can do to your skin. If you don’t have a makeup fixer, I would even risk my makeup to either disappear or smudge, rather than using the hairspray. It dries the skin and clugs your pores.


This is a very quick solution for some beauty needs. However, when you apply toothpaste on your skin it does you more bad than good. It’s true, the ingredients in this product can completely erase your pimples almost immediately, but think about what it does to your skin afterwards! It consumes the moisture of your skin and can even burn your skin and leave dark spots.


The consumption of too much sugar can ruin your skin, but its use in some beauty rituals is definitely not harmless! The skin on your face is very gentle and thin and while exfoliating with sugar and extra virgin oil can make the skin of your legs very smooth, it does not have the same effect on your skin.



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