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The Six-Step Home Manicure




Ever wanted to give yourself a manicure at home, well here at the six steps you need to follow in order to improve and maintain excellent nail condition.


The Six-Step Manicure


1. Purchase a cuticle cream and if possible, soak your nails afterwards

– for all those wanting to grow their nails massaging the cuticle cream will help to promote blood flow and encourage growth

2. Once cuticle cream is applied and soaked, push the cuticles back lightly and scrap away any excess cuticle

3. Clean under the nail with an orange stick – make sure to wet the orange stick and wrap cotton wool around the end to make sure you

don’t hurt yourself

4. Buff the nails with a buffer to add shine and remove any ridges

5. Apply a base coat ( for all those will very troublesome apply ridge filler instead), then two coats of colour and a top coat

6. I know it’s a pain to wait for nail varnish to dry and we often think five minutes will do, but give your nails an hour – then the world is yours


Follow these steps on a weekly basis for gorgeous spa-like nails.



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