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The Selfie is Old, What’s Next?


“Selfie” became the word of 2013 and even entered the Oxford Dictionary. The hype after celebrities taking a selfie at the Oscars grew even more and selfies started to involve many more people, not just one person.


But the selfie is evolving…and more and more types of selfies are created. Is that a good or bad thing?

#NoMakeupSelfie: The benefit from the NoMakeupSelfie is that we can see celebrities are just like us, normal and not with flawless skin. It makes them human. On the other hand, it is funny to see pople tagging their picture as no makeup one, while they have just done a neutral makeup that is not that obvious. The other great thing about this hashtag is that it’s purpose was to raise awareness and funds for a charity campaign against cancer. Satisfying your vanity for a good cause: that is a good balance!



#Relfie: The name comes from a mixture of the words “relationship” and obviously “selfie” and its meaning is of a picture with your favourite person. To be honest, pictures like that have existed for a long time, they just didn’t have a hashtag for it. Relfies provoke negative reactions in about 90% of the people, so don’t feel the need to constantly remind your Facebook friends and followers on Instagram that your relationship is cool: enjoy it privately.

#Welfie: This is the working-out selfie. It may be an inspiration for some people to see how people work out and what results they accomplish. However, it is again sometimes unneeded: why spend time taking pictures instead of actually working out?



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