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The Secret(s) on How To Prevent Your Hair From Looking Greasy


Women always wonder how to make their hair look gorgeous, and not greasy, between shampoos. Some have chosen to wash their hair every morning in order to avoid looking even the tiniest greasy. But worry no more; there are simple tips that can help guide you to a no-wash hair.
Many hair stylist recommend not washing your hair every day, yet more than enough women do wash their hair every single day as none of them actually wakes up with a perfect hair style. However, what happens when you sleep over your alarm and you have 10 min to get out of the door all ready for work? Luckily for all those women, there are ways to make your morning sad and unwashed hair into a gorgeous hairstyle, without starting from scratch by running in the shower.

Transformation is possible for every hair type! Should you have an oily hair, or one that needs just a little boos of volume, one thing you can do to make your hair look better, as if out of the shower and freshly dried, is to use a lifting and texturizing spray gel that you can find in any hair salon. To do this trick, turn your hair upside down and blow dry it for a bit, after which use the hairspray before listing your head back up! Other products that can help cut the grease from your hair and plump up the strands are dry shampoos – also very easy to find. If you have a curly hair and you need to revive your curls every morning but do not have the time to get into the shower and then spent hours on drying it perfectly, then what you can do is use a reactivating spray. Such hair products help control the frizz and also make the curls spring back into a perfect shape. These hair sprays revive the product that is already in your hair. Many women have to fight frizz every day. Washing your hair daily is only one way to do this as the best time to de-fuzz hair is when it is wet. Yes, if you don’t have the time for this, there are creamy textured finishing products that smooth away frizz. These products also help add shine to the hair. Should you be one of those women with finer hair, remember to use a lightweight serum. Best way to finish a dull looking, coarse or dry hair after a day or two is to use a replenish moisture. In order to restore the shine of your hair, use hair oil. Should you want to curl or flat iron your hair, remember to use spray products that help protect the hair from the hot tools.

Last but not least, remember that clean hair is not always desirable. After all, a hair that hasn’t been washed for a couple of days has more grip and is easier to manipulate into different hair styles.


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