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The Secrets of The Perfect Relationship


Let’s be real from the beginning – there is no such thing like “a perfect relationship“. There always will be fight or arguments but the key is to find a way to overcome them and leave the behind so we can continue being a couple without looking into past things. I want to share with you 7 secrets that I trully believe that are the key to, well, not a perfect relationship, but a healthy one, filled with love and understanding.

Be best friends

That doesn’t mean that you have to marry your best friend or else your marriage will fall apart, but being very close with your partner is crucial if you want to stay together and be happy. You need to be able to talk to your partner about everything without feeling shame and he should feel the same way. Having common interests and laughing at the same things are also important for the relationship so my advice is if you don’t like his hobbies or he – yours, just start something new together. Be adventurous of createful, just do it together!

Be grateful

Like you are grateful for every day on this planet, you should be grateful for being with the amazing person your partner is. And being grateful is not just saying “Thank you” from time to time, it’s showing how you feel so your partner feel appreciated and loved. Write him a not, saying “Thank you for support, I love you“, for example, and leave it on the fridge. That way when he wakes up and go in the kitchen, he will see it and feel special because you appreciate everything he’s been doing. Those kind of gestures keep the relationship alive.


Every couple argues, that’s inevitable. But not every person is able to forgive at the end. You don’t need to hold on old fights or things the other person has done in the past. Learn to forgive and to let things go. You will feel much more relieved and your relationship will be healthier because you will stop living with the past moments. And forget the small things – the fact that he forgot to buy milk doesn’t mean that you have to be mad at him for a whole week. You are not perfect, too!

Go out 

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you both have to stay at home and go to bed as early as possible. Go out, together or separately, have fun, blow off some steam and be yourself – the fact that you have a serious partner doesn’t mean that you have to change and become someone you’re not!

Have some alone time

Especially if you live with your partner, having some alone time is crucial! When you wake up next to a person, eat every meal with him, spend your free time with him and at night go to bed, AGAIN with him, sooner or later you will flip and, believe me, there will be some fighting! Choose a day of the week that will be your time – go get your nails done, see a movie with friends and just relax. This way you will miss each other even a little and you will appreacite your partner more.

Be patient

Patience is key to every healthy relationship (trust me, I learned it the hard way). No matter if it’s about him getting a job or helping with the dishes after dinner, you have to be patient with you partner because people are different, they are brought-up in different ways and sometimes it takes time to learn to live with another person. So, breathe, count to 10 if you have to and next time he does (or says) something that affected you in some way, just be patient and talk it through!

Pass the difficulties together

Don’t you ever forget that you two are one, your difficulties are his and vice versa. Help each other, be supportive and never give up on the other person. This is the key to the perfect relationship – never give up!



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