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The Secret to Getting Long Hair


Are there ways to help me grow a longer hair faster? In spite of what most women might thing, there are ways to make the long wait shorter. Here are a couple of tips to follow and forget marking days off the calendar until you get that Rapunzel0inspired hair.

To begin with, it always comes down to what you eat. Thus, adjusting your diet is step one. For one thing, a healthy diet, which incorporates a mix of protein and nutrients, can significantly improve the condition that your hair is in. Some hairstyle professionals confirm that a balanced diet helps keeping follicles stay strong and prevent the hair from breaking and damaging easily. Some cosmeticians even advise women to incorporate into their diets omega-3 oils, salmon or supplements. As everyone knows, nuts are especially good for you, and in this case almonds do just fine. However, bear in mind that you should avoid overdoing the tips for a balanced eating as it is extremely important to keep weight stable, avoiding the usual yo-yo diet effect. The reason for this is simply because the hair as well can be easily affected by extreme regime changes, not only stress and hormone levels.

Another important tip to follow is to get smart about how you style your hair, especially of you do so on daily bases. Heating you hair every day can significantly damage the overall strength of the hair. Thus, limiting the use of a flat iron to a maximum of three times a week is very desirable. Sunlight can strip the hair, so if you are going to be exposed to the sun, spray your hair with appropriate hair products that protect from the sun lights. Should you need to blow dry your hair as opposed to air drying it, applying a weekly deep conditioner masque would help keep the hair healthier. What most women may have not noticed, most hair care products include the ingredients found in detergents, so choosing a hair product must be done wisely.

What is interesting to know is that there are some vitamins and conditioning ingredients such as Phytantriol, arginine and fish oil, and biotin that help aid the production of the enzymes and hormones that help the stimulation of hair growth. There are currently products on the market that contain cleanse-treat-condition formula which is specifically designed to push regenerating anti-aging ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid), much deeper into the follicle as well as the scalp and hair. This is said in turn to help prolong the general phase of hair growth. Some specialists recommend the use Viviscal, which include biotin, vitamin C, and a special complex of shark powder known as AminoMar. These supplements are particularly helpful for hair growth and scalp stimulation.

Last but not least, try to take things easy and not stress too much as this affects the hair, too. Most people when they are depressed, they complain that this usually causes hair loss. One way to relax your body and mind is to apply weekly deep tissue massages. When healthy or on a vacation, the hair is strong and looks great, shinier than ever and easy to style. 


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