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The Secret Ingredient For Beachy Waves


I know, I know, the Fall is here and I’m talking to you about Beachy hairstyles. It’s not fair, I know, but I need something to remind me the warmth of the summer nights and the beach fire camps and all those free and careless days, don’t you need that too?

We can have curly waves at Fall too. This hairstyle will look perfect under a warm hat and on the top of a scarf and cozy sweater. Don’t be sad or afraid that you won’t look trendy enough for the new season. But how to get this messy texture?

You know that it’s not enough just to curl your hair with the curling iron or to sleep with braids. Yes, you’ll get the waves, but how long they will last? Especially if your hair is naturally straight and flat. The secret ingredient to get that sexy texture is the right styling product and I’ll recommend you the Fashion Waves 07 texturizing sea-salt spray.

What to do:

Spray the product all over the hair and after that work it with two different sizes of curling irons to make the hairstyle look more natural and alive. Then spray a little bit more of the Fashion Waves 07 to give a nice, matte texture to the curls.

This hairstyle will give you romantic and dreamy look. Now you know how to do it and, more importantly, how to make it last longer.

A perfect hairstyle is just one of the details, for which women should care. The perfect look and style is a combination between many things – clothes, makeup, hair, nails, skin condition and so on. Fulfilling just one of the features is not enough to look amazing. After all, if you are healthy and feel great that will result in your physical appearance. So, eat well, do some exercises and after that you can upgrade your look with clothes, makeup and hairstyles. Your mood is very important, too. If you feel desperate and sad, these feelings will surely destroy your look. Try to stay positive and calm about the stuff that are going on in your life. After all Beauty is a state of mind, not only symmetrical features and proportions.



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