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The Perfect Smoky Eyeliner


We all love smokey eye. We also love eyeliner. Both of them are hard to be achieved. At least a decent version of them. So both smoky eye and a good eyeliner can be learned through time. And practice makes perfect.

For this tutorial you should have appied all of your face make up – including filling your eyebrows.

  • To achieve any beautiful make up it is important to firstly apply primer. This neutralizes any too oily parts of the lid. After you have applied primer, whatever you put on next will stay way longer. Also there are no smudges and blemishes and stuff. So you must want that one in your make up collection.
  • After you have applied eyeshadow primer it is time for the eyeshadow. We have chosen some light bronish with some gold tint in it. This will compliment the eyeliner later. Apply the eyeshadow to the whole lid up to the crease. Fade it a little bit while working your way up.
  • Grab a soft eye pencil. In a black or very dark brown color. Draw a line starting at the inner corner and finishing at the outter.
  • With a brush smudge the line you just drew. Mostly concentrate the smudging in the outter corner of the eye.
  • Apply black eye pencil at the bottom waterline and a bit under the lashline. Then also apply it on the upper waterline (just under the lashes – like in picture #5).
  • With a white eye pencil define the inner corners of the eye. This will open up your eyes and make them seem bigger and more awake.
  • Finish off with some mascara. Depending if your look is for the night you could also apply fake lashes.

Isn’t is easy? This make up combines both eyeliner and smokey eye and it is fast to be done. Also it can be made in any color you could think of, that go together well or blend in well with black for example. The trick it though to keep it simple – only one eyshadow color!

Instead of wondering what to do with your make up tomorrow, just do that!


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