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The Perfect Makeup for Your Date Night


Before we start to talk about how to define your eyes and lips and every beautiful feature you have I should say that – the less is the better here. Remember that no matter how this date goes after all this guy could be the love of your life and no one should start a relationship based on lies, and admit it – the makeup is one small lie. So, for your date night don’t overdo with the makeup, just define your best and I’m sure that he will be amazed by you. Keep it natural and easy.


It’s always a good decision to pay attention to your lips on your date night, because of the conversations. Often when people talk to each other they are looking at the mouth and the eyes. Be sure that if you are wearing dark-colored lipstick (like red or plum) you should contour your lips with the same color lip pencil. That way your lipstick will stay at the borders of your lips and won’t blur around your mouth while you are talking, eating and drinking. When you draw attention to your lips, keep the rest of your face simple. Add only mascara and fill in your brows if needed.

But if you want to keep it more natural you should go for some matte lipstick, choose some bright, juicy color like rose or peach.


You should try the Champagne smoky eyes. You will say that smoky eyes are a little bit dramatic and heavy, but after all it’s a night date, not lunch date. You can afford it to draw some more attention to your eyes. Use a light brown eye shadow to make the smoky effect. Smooth the borders by blending the shadow with big, fluffy brush. Finish the makeup with eye liner and mascara. Keep the lips nude and pale.


Adding a blush is sweet and sexy at the same time – a perfect combination for a date night. It’s recommended to apply cream blush, because it looks more natural and soft. Use your ring finger to dot on the color on your cheekbones and blend by moving your finger back and forward from your ear to your mouth.


A great trick for date night is to bold your lashes. Make them flirty and defined by adding some fake lashes at the outer corners of your upper lash line. That way you won’t look like an animated character and your eyes will work for you the whole night. Apply eye liner at the outer corner of the eye (both top and bottom lash lines) and everything will look great. Keep the rest of the face simple – just some BB cream and concealer where needed and pale lips.

Enjoy your date and I wish you like the guy, because he will definitely like you!



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