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The Perfect Low Bun


In the winter we often miss out beachy waves and the easy summer beach hair styles. But that is what it it. Different hair styles are good for different seasons. But at least that way we get a lot of diversity. There is straight and curled hair. Then there are the up dos – buns and ponytails and braids. New and new ideas might come to you, just by grabbing a curling iron or set ot hairbands. And new options for a good hair day are always welcome.

A fast hair do is always a good idea. We live a life that is so fast and in the mornings there is not that much of a time to get glamed up. So the best thing you could do is learn fast ways to doll up in the morning. An easy low bun can be done in 5 minutes and it is trendy, yet still stylish na beautiful. So why don’t give it a try tomorrow morning?

  1. Start by combing your hair (something you porbably do every day, but still).

  2. Put the main part of your hair in a low ponytail (secure it well with an elastic). But leave the locks around your face free.

  3. Twist the ponytail part until you get a bun you actually like (just like in picutre #3).

  4. Secure it with an elastic and bobby pins. Remember, that it should last the day!

  5. The locks that are left unbunned should be curled with a curling iron. Start at one of the side.

  6. Work your way through with the curling iron, by curling small parts of the hair.

  7. Secure some of the curls on the back of the head, just above and over the bun, so that you create a fuller and more twisted look. Leave one or two curls free on the each side of the face.

Voila! You have got a beautiful low bun in 5 minutes, without it beeing too messy or anything. It is appropriate for both day and night and any kind of outfit.



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