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The Perfect High Bun


We all love to look gorgeous and we always take our time to prepare everything before stepping into the limelight.We always take into consideration our clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and hair.

But hair is very important, so we have to choose something classy, stylish and beautiful, such as the high bun for example.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a beautiful high bun with a braid. The high bun is a total hit among the celebrities, so definitely try it on. The best thing about the high bun is not that it is absolutely fascinating, but the fact that it suits everyone perfectly.

Follow the steps below and your reflection in the mirror will confirm you look simply wonderful.

Pull hair into a high pony on the top of your head. Then set aside a piece that you want to be the braid that goes across the top.
Secure bun with pins.Braid the piece you left out and place it across securing in the back. And …. Voila

high bun tutorial





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