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The New Lip Trend: Drawing with Lip Crayons


In between the variety of beautiful dark or nude lipsticks and the thousands of liquid lip glosses out there, we have caught ourselves with a new “lip obsession” and that is the lip crayon. Let me introduce them in a few major points:


  1. They have a great variety of colors and many brands create them. From cheaper, drugstore brands to high-end labels, everyone has begun to participate in one of the newest makeup revolutions. Because of their color and price diversity, lip crayons have become easy to find and affordable for any woman who wants to use them.
  2. They are beautiful mixture between a lip balm with a softening effect, a lipstick with an accentuated color and a lip gloss with its breezy casualness.
  3. However, they also lack some of the drawbacks of other lip products. Unlike lip gloss, they are not sticky. As opposed to lipstick, they are as long-lasting, do not require that much precision when applying and look more natural on the lips.
  4. Their interesting texture makes the very versatile: they can be matt or shiny, opaque or sheer, and come in every possible shade.
  5. They are the future of lip makeup and we have fallen in love with them!




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