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Myths About Coffee


There is a common belief that coffee is not good for us. But some study findings suggest that coffee might be actually good for us. That’s great, right?

Here is some of the mostly goods about coffee:

Blood pressure. A cup of coffee can temporarily kick up your blood pressure, but it may not increase the risk of high blood pressure overtime, as previously thought.

Diabetes. If you are heavy coffee drinker you might be half as likely to get diabetes as light coffee drinkers or nondrinkers at all. So, a cup of coffee a day keeps the diabetes away.

Cancer. It’s getting really scary. Coffee might have anti-cancer properties. Researchers found that coffee drinkers were 50% less likely to get liver cancer than nondrinkers.

There are some other nice effects, for example, the possibility of protection from Parkinson’s disease, but it seems to protect only men. A possible explanation for this difference may be that estrogen and caffeine need the same enzymes to be metabolized and the estrogen captures those enzymes.

But after all remember not to overdo with coffee, maybe there is a reason for the myth we hear around. As long as you are careful and drink and eat wisely you’ll be just fine. So, why don’t you make me a cup of coffee, beautiful ladies?




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