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The Must-Have Dresses For Every Woman


The little black dress might save us during complicated and emergency situations. However, did you know that there are four more models, which every strong and independent woman must definitely have in her closet!

Why, you may ask? It’s true that your little black dress can be worn on many occasions, but it’s not as universal as you might think. And let’s think about it, if you appear in the same outfit at your office party, at a wedding or in the bar, people will start thinking that you don’t have anything else to wear!

This is why you need a few more members of your universal closet, so you will not have to chant to yourself “What should I wear?” for hours! Just like the shoes and jewelry, the few categories you‘ll discover below are a must!

Neat Official Dress

A cute cocktail-ish official dress made of a filmy and sheer fabric can save you a lot of times. Laces are an additional gold to such a dress. It’s good for the dress to not be in a neutral color like black, white and grey. Make sure it’s has a gentle color like pink, beige, blue, etc. And also, you will need matching shoes and a purse!

Trapezoidal Pattern Dress

The dress with a trapezoidal pattern always appears in our mind when we think about the hot summer days and nights. During the warm months she is possibly the most comfortable dress and it can be worn with all kinds of shoes – from low sandals to high platforms and high heels!

Office Dress

The office dress has a clean pattern and is in a neutral light color. Mostly the colors are either dirty white or beige. She can be easily transformed into an impressive outfit just by adding a beautiful necklace. I will not be surprised if your co-workers invite you for a drink after work!

Statement Dress

This type of dress is made for your comfort. It’s very easy to wear, made with an irregular pattern and a bigger floral print. This dress’ charm is the vibrant colors and geometric figures and is an amazing pick for a party!




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