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The Meaning behind Men’s Hats


Male fashion is a mystery for some women. That is why Cosmopolitan makes an attempt in analyzing men’s choice of accessories! See below which hat means this guy is great and which might make you keep an eye on him:

  • The Baseball Cap: This type of hat actually has sseveral meanings since it can be worn in many ways. If it is new, the guy is just into sports and comfort. If it is a beat-up baseball cap, it might have a symbolic meaning, so he may be a litle childisih but still a good guy. If he is wearing the backwards baseball cap, be careful!
  • The Fedora: This fashionable item means that he is try to look original and stylish. Some men may pull it off, but the possibility of him turning out to be kind of nerdy is big
  • The Bucket Hat: As Cosmo writers say: “He’s either a grumpy old man, a self-described “old soul” or Chris Brown.” None of these options sound cool, right?
  • The Newsboy Cap: This guy is weird. Adding a pinch of retro to your look is a strange way to add flair to your wardrobe. There is no direction in his life, so maybe it’s good you came along to help him!
  • The Cowboy Hat: This guy is from the Sourthern States and he is proud of it. He has a wide range of skills including shooting or kiling certain animals.
  • The Beanie: He is in a band or some sort of a musician. There are two ways that might go: he is successful, but modest, or he has played four gigs, three of which in front of rela



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