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The Gradient Gal Nail Design Tutorial


This gradient layer nail design is very cute and it includes a pretty amalgamation of gradient colours. We must warn you that it might take some time until you get it right, so be patient.

You will need:

  • Clear nail polish (not quick drying clear coat)
  • White nail polish
  • Dark rich nail polish (in this case blue)
  • A tray or a cardboard to mix the colours
  • Nail polish remover and a paintbrush (wider than your nail or same width)

1. Paint your nails white

2.Put 7 drops of clear nail polish and 1 drop of dark nail polish onto the tray

3. Stir, using a brush

4. Decide how many layers you are going to make and separate your nail, leave the bottom section white and paint with the mixture

5. Clean your brush. It is very important to clean the brush before each layer

6 . Repeat step 2, but use 2 nail dark nail polish drops

7. Apply the next layer by painting 3/5 of your nail (in case you want 5 layers)

8.Next  gradient colour needs 3 dark nail polish drops

9. Paint 2/5 of your nails with this shade

10 -11 For the last layer, you can simply use the dark nail polish itself

12. Clean the excess nail polish and you are ready for a top coat!




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