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The Gradation In A Manicure


The nice manicure and pedicure are especially important for you finished everyday look. Even during the cold seasons, the care for your nails must be permanent. You don’t want your nails to be in a bad condition during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, right?

Under no circumstances are you obliged to only use one color, you know? Even if it’s just to maintain your nails at home! If you want to break it all with a little bit of variety and mix a few colors! If you are feeling extra creative you can even draw something on your nails, but such a thing need a lot of time, patience and attention. Also, something like that is rather complex and it’s simply not the thing for some people.

Yes, drawing is hard and precise, but the gradated manicure is easy and very easily doable! The easiest way is to choose 5 different nail polished of the same color, but different shade. To create the wanted gradation effect, you ought to arrange them from the lightest to the darkest shade, knowing that your starting and ending point can also be black and white. What’s next? You simply start from your pinky pie and gradate the colors till your thumb!

However, if you feel like playing around a little bit more, and if you are looking for something more attractive and complex you will need three things – 3 nail polishes of the same color, top coat, and a foundation sponge.

Firstly, apply the lightest shade on all of your nails. Wait for it to dry out, you can also put a base before you begin doing your nail and if you feel that your nails have somehow lost their strenght, you can apply a top coat over the light shade.

For the next step you will need the foundation sponge. Coat its ends the next shade of your polishes and with light tapping apply the product around the ends of your nails. Afterwards coat the sponge again, but this time in the darkest shade. Be careful while applying it to not smudge or erase the other polishes.

Let your nails dry well and apply a top coat – now it’s obligatory! You can also add a little bit of glitter before applying it. But you need the top coat for shine and a long-lasting manicure.

When it comes to a gradating manicure, you can experiment as much as you want. If you like it more colorful – use more colors, which are not from the same shade. Create and ombre. Be imaginative with the glitter. Draw something. French line. This list can go on and on for days!


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