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The Golden Rules For A Long-Lasting Tan


We all wish to save this magnificent bronze tan as much as we can, right?

There are a few clever tricks on saving your stunning golden tan for a very long time!


Tanning is the sun stimulating your skin into producing more melanin, which is what colors the top layer. It changes its color every two weeks and this is why we suggest you to exfoliate before going to a sunny vacation. The body pilling will give you more time to enjoy your tan.


You know how important drinking water is, right? It’s connected to our health and beauty. During the summer the skins becomes drier because of the sweat and dehydrates itself. As your skin gets drier and drier, it starts peeling itself and you are loosing the well-deserved tan. This is why it is very important to consume a lot of water during the day!

Soft Skin

Alongside your skin being hydrated on the insane, it must be well-moisturized on the outside as well. If you are out for the whole day, it is adviced to moisturize your skin at least twice daily. It is prefereble to choose an aftersun lotion, due to the fact that it has many effective ingredients, such as the aloe vera. Some ingredients are even specifically for a long-lasting tan!

No Waxing

Exfoliants, consisting of fruit acid, glycolic acid and salicyclic acid, along with the depilators are taking off the top layer of your skin very quickly, which also means that your skin color starts changing. If you wish to save your tan, forget for waxing, epilators and depilators for a while and use your safety-razor and moisturize your skin as much as possible!

The Food

Dermatologists think that specific types of foods can save your tan for a longer time. The main raw ingredient, needed for the producing of melanin, is called tyrosine. You can add it to your menu by including turkey, glair, salmon, almond, cottage cheese, soy-bean and avocado.

No Douche Gel

Use every opportunity to moisturize your skin! By replacing your douche gel with hair oil in the shower, your skin will be very well-hydrated and your tan will be looking amazing.

Fake Tan

Have you thought about faking your actual tan once it starts fading? You can even add additional shining effect to your natural suntan!




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