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The Film And Television Industry Pays A Tribute To James Garner


 At the age of 86 the Emmy winning American actor James Garner passed away in Los Angeles.

Garner was born in 1928 and his Hollywood career expands throught around 6 decades, participating in more then 50 movies.

You can remember his roles in “The Great Escape” along with Steve McQueen, in “The Rockford Files”, for which role he won an Emmy, “The Notebook” and also the role of Jim Egan in “8 Simple Rules”. There are so many other memorable movies he has starred in…


On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times cited the late director Robert Altman’s words back in 1979: “I have long thought Jim Garner was one of the best actors around. He is often overlooked because he  makes it so easy, and that is not easy to do. I don’t know anyone in the business with his charm and charisma who can act so well.”

We’ve also got a quote from Clint Eastwood who followed Garner from the small screen: “…Opened the door for people like Steve McQueen and myself”.




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