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The Different Types Of Eye Shadows


For the perfect look you must be familiar with the character of the products you are using – foundation, eye shadows, blush, pencils, eyeliner, etc.

Every eye shadow type has a different way of usage, texture and final form and effect. Below, you will read a few facts about your favorite makeup products, which you must know!



Cream Eyeshadows

The cream eyeshadows should be applied with specifir brushes or fingers. They dry out very quickly and leave a thick layer of texture. Their bad side is that they are definitely not waterproof and can melt from the heat very quickly. This is why their usage during the summer is not very advisable. However, if you wish to wear them when it’s hot, you can simply apply compact shadows on top of them in the same or a similar color, which will help them stay longer, without the unwanted effect.


Compact Eyeshadows

This is the type of shadows which are the most famous and used all over the world. The matte shadows do not have a very strong covering and are great for daily usage. The pearl shadows are heavier and it is not advised for them to be used during the day – they are better for the evening. The compact shadows are usually sold in a palette of one, two or many more colors and shades. When being applied, you can use a simple brush or an applicator.


Powder Eyeshadows

The powder shadows are a little bit harder to apply, because they can end up being somewhere, where they shouldn’t. I have had dozens of moment when just a tiny bit of powder has gotten in my eye – definitely not a pleasant feeling. These are actually the “advanced” shadows, and they are not recommended for “newbies”. Before applying the powder shadows, you must have a layer of shadow primer, so they can last longer. The ladies with drier skin must be careful with this type of shadows, because they can make the skin drier around the eyes, which leads to wrinkles.


Liquid Eyeshadows

Even if when you head the word “liquid” it makes you think that these are also advanced, they are not, really. They are very easy to apply and dry out quickly. Most liquid shadows are sold in small tubes with special applicators, but they can also be applied with a brush.


Stick Eyeshadows

There are two types of stick eyeshadows – drier and oilier. The first are long lasting and can be used during the hot season, meanwhile the second type have the character of the cream shadows, but are often with a ligher texture. Exactly because of that they are easier to smudge and I do not advise you to use them during the summer days.


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