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The “Cinderella” Surgery”: Another Crazy Idea?


Plastic surgery has developed to change our breasts, faces, etc. but there is one body part we had not thought of before: feet.

Meet Polina Charlikowska. Her problem were her feet: she would not enjoy shoe shopping and the thought of her feet made her feel depressed. She used to wear a UK size 8 and her second and third finger of her feet were longer than the thumbs. For some of you that maybe sounds a little strange, but not a terrible issue, but for her, it was a nightmare.

Because I work in the beauty industry, I spend all day looking at people’s feet, which made me even more unhappy with my own.’, she says. She would buy closed shoes smaller than her actual size. However, that method caused injuries and irreversible distortions to her feet.

That is why she turned to another solution: the Cinderella surgery which changes the shape and the size of the feet. These operations include shortening or lengthening toes and shaving off excess bone. They have become extremely popular in America and now they have transferred to the UK, too.

The surgery cost Polina 4500 British pounds and a few weeks of pain and difficulty in movement. She couldn’t exercise for six months after the operation and is now left with little scars on her feet.


Specialists claim that such surgeries, made for entirely cosmetic purposes, are not recommended because of the risks they carry with them. Some women have not had Polina’s “luck” and have ended up in a bad condition even after the operation: a long-lasting pain is the smallest evil that might come with it.


So be confident and do not become victims of your vanity; be who you are and be proud of it!



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