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The Body Parts We Ignore When it Comes to Sun Protection


It is very important to use sun protection products, especially during the hot summer days, but we often forget to apply them onto some body parts. See which ones and be careful the next time.


According to a The Skin Cancer Foundation study, ears take the third place for developing basal- cell carcinoma. It is a form of skin cancer, which is mainly caused by the UV rays.


You often forget there is a skin underneath your hair. You`ll quickly remember that in the morning, when you try to comb your hair.


Not just for eyeshadows, boys and girls. What`s more the eyelid`s skin is very soft and gentle, protect them, too, especially if you are not wearing sunglasses.


People often forget to protect them, as they assume they are not being affected by the sun, which is not true. Just be generous with your sun care products.

Under the bathing suit

That`s an area almost everyone forgets – but you should not. Carefully apply sunscreen even underneath the stripes and the back of your bathing suit. This will save you lots of pain.


Although we use them to apply the sunscreen on every other part of the body, we often wash our hands and they get unprotected again. Don`t allow that.


The bottom lip need more care, as the risk of cancer is 12 times higher than for the upper lip. Dear men, you should also use lip balm with sun protection factor. What`s more – studies show you are 13

times more prone to lip cancer than the women.

Back side of the knees

That`s certainly one of the most neglected areas of the body. Make a note and protect it next time, especially if you are willing to walk, without feeling any pain, because of the burned skin.




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