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The biggest secrets that celebs DONT want you to know.


I feel kinda sorry for celebs and the fact they cannot have much privacy. What annoys me more though is the fact that they come out and tell us the ‘secrets’ they dont want anyone to know!

So im going to spill the beans anyway! 🙂

Charlize Theron


Theron grew up in a very rural farm area in Johannesburg, South Africa with her mother and father. In 1991, Charlize was 15 years old when she witnessed her mother kill her father by shooting him. He was a severe alcoholic and had previously attacked Therons mum and threatened to kill her. In court, it was decided at the trial that the attack was self-defense.  Charlize never spoke about the incident publically until 2004 and since then does not talk about it.

Miley Cyrus


Miley has a half brother the exact same age as her! Work that one out! Yeah, her cheating father, Billy Ray got two women pregnant about the same time, whilst marrying Miley’s mother around the same time!!  Christopher Cody (Mileys half brother) was raised in Carolina by his single mum Kristen Luckey, and had little to no contact with the Cyrus family or his father. Cody has often thought fondly of his fun days with Miley when the two were younger.

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay’s father Michael, fathered a secret child, Ashley. In 2012, Lohan agreed to give a paternity test to a therapist who was under the understanding that she was her daughter. The judge ruled that Michael was in fact Ashley’s dad. Lindsay has refused to acknowledge or see her half-sister at all.


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