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The Beauty Trends to Try in Your 20s


Your young years especially your twenties, when you are already a woman, but still you can experiment without being judged, is the time to try everything possible you could thing of (talking about looks). Because let’s face it – colorful hair won’t look good on a 30-something woman.New trends come and go very fast nowadays. Nothing really stick for too long, so you shouldn’t invest too much time or money in things you know will be transitional. Because you know, it is easy to spot the things that will be here only for this summer and the timeless pieces – like Chanel and stuff. But you will think about those in your thirties. Now it is the time to explore and most of all have fun. So instead of going all the same and wondering what to wear or what to do to stand out, here are something for you.

Flash and Henna tattoos

Flash and Henna tattoos are something that is not permanent. They won’t do any damage to your skin or anything like that, but they will give you a cool vibe and funky feeling. Flash tattoos could be bought online or at stores like Sephora. And the Henna tattoos are usually done in some local art (Indian) shops.

Beyonce did quite well the Flash tattoo last summer. And Henna type tattoos are Rihanna’s thing. So what you would love to experiment with is up to you. The perfect thing to combine those type of temporary body art are neon colored or vintage swimsuits. Also imagine yourself at a music festival with a printed maxi dress and a flash/henna tattoo. You are loving it, right?

3D Nail Art

3D nail art is also a thing. It has been quite trendy in the last couple of years to have artsy nails and to show them off (Instagram, you know). Drawing, ombre, colors and whatever your had could imagine has been around. So what’s next? 3D nails!

The 3D nail art is one of those things that are kind of over the top, but still pretty cool. But to be honest not anyone could pull them off. But imagine the fun process of choosing what studs, diamonds and any other strangely shaped accessories will be.

Rainbow-colored Hair

This one most definitely is something you could only try in your early 20s. And keep for a while. Then if you are not a model, artist or a dancer (or something of that kind) is probably a better idea, not to try. But still it is cool, fun, effortless look.

Pastel colors, neon colors and anything like that is a must for that type of a hairstyle. Choose yours and go rock them!

Colored eyeliner

Well, this one is actually a new trend that we have been seeing on the runways. It is a pop in the eye are and looks very cool. Colors like purple, green and blue are mostly used. But some neon’s like yellow and orange could be pulled of quite easily too.

Actually this a style I think some women in their 30s could do too. Just don’t go to work like that or to your kids parent-teacher meeting. But for a party – why not?

Ombre lips

Ombre lips were king of expected trend after the ombre hair and ombre nails and fabrics. It is one of those things, that just has to be all around.

Ombre lips aren’t hard to achieve. You just have to firstly apply a main color of lipstick. Than outline it with a lip pencil that is slightly darker from the main color. Then with a brush apply black (or another dark color depending on the main one) eye shadow. But just a tiny bit. And the fade out the black again with what pencil (or another one darker then the lipstick). That way you will get a very perfect ombre lip! This works best with red, by the way.



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