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The Autumn Nail Polish


It is already September and autumn is slowly crawling its way back. That means a lot of things, you know?

Our wardrobe has to  be changed completely, along with our color combination. The bright colors are not for the autumn season, we slowly start maneuvering to a bit simpler and neutral colors. Colors, which can match the weather.

The days are not going to be as hot as before, but that should not lead you to an immediate bad reaction. It is true, it gets colder, but as the leaves in different shades of their natural tints start falling, it is the most beautiful picture.

Along with our wardrobe, we have to pay attention to the color of our nails as well. The bright colors are not likely to be, say goodbye for a while to the neon shades and say hello to your new friend – the gentle, attractively simple and tranquil colors. Welcome the matte nail polish, because it never looks as good as it does when you wear it in the autumn!

It is true that you still have some time until summer is over, but that does not mean that you must leave everything for the last moment. Here, I will introduce you to this year’s topical nail polish colors! And, don’t forget that the shades of red will always be fashionable. If you have a color crisis and you are unsure of what to use, you will never go wrong with red!


Nail polish is flowing from the bottle


Pearl nail polish

Nail product

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