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The Art of Contouring – One More Idea


When it comes to face contouring, we have published a lot of tips and ideas, but one more will not hurt. As you can see the model tried to make her nose look smaller, by applying highlighter in the middle of her nose, outline by darker color. She also use highlighter on the cheekbones, with dark color on the cheeks themselves, in order to make the cheekbones stand out.

The darkened are of the top of the forehead, combines with the highlighted part of it and the highlighted part of the chin will make the face look short and more proportional to the body.

When the dramatic eye makeup is applied, together with a suitable lipstick, the whole makeup is complete and she looks terrific!

Being beautiful is not difficult – you just need to know the basic tips and tricks and use quality cosmetics. Don`t be afraid to experiment at home, in order to see which application technique suits you best. This is how you`d master the art of makeup and who knows, you may start making your own tutorials. Wouldn`t that be awesome?



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