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The Amazing Style of… Jennifer Lopez


Our favourite latino pop star J LO is a birthday girl and is turning 45! She looks stunning and we cannot deny that her feminine figure and casual style has made her one of the favourite singers/ actresses. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by her age, since she used a hashtag “ain’t nothing but a number” underneath one of her most recent Instagram pictures.

Let’s have a look at her style and you can see for yourself how fabulous J LO really is!

It seems that Jennifer Lopez’s everyday style cannot be put into frames. One day she is rocking nude pastel colors, the next – she is in a monochrome outfit. She wears pants, dresses and skirts equally. It seems that she is open to experiments, but high heels are definitely a priority.

What we notice is that she likes trendy stuff: she has an affinity towards fashionable pieces and combinations. She looks comfortable and confident in each outfit, which makes like her even more!





When it comes to official events, J LO has one Versace dress that was definitely one of her most memorable appearances: she wore it in 2000 to the 42nd Grammy Award Ceremony. It was a little too revealing and received much attention: some even say it is among th emost iconic dresses worn by celebrities.


Except for that dress, Jennifer Lopez predominantly chooses light or nude colors and a lot of embelishment.

red j lo redjlo

Overall, Ms. Lopez has chosen an elegant style with an occassional pinch of edgy elements to compliment her beautiful feminine appearance. W wish her all the best for her birthday and we hope she continues to delight us with her presence in the public eye!


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